- C'est si bon les macarons!
Pricing: $2.00/macaron with a minimum order of 24 pieces filled with macaron flavors of your choice from our classic and seasonal flavors, subject to availability.

Local orders can be made by contacting us through email (mageline_k at comcast dot net) or by text (303.399.3009). 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for quantities of 24 - 100 or more of a single flavor, up to three weeks for orders more than 100 pieces. Mixed flavors may be available within less than a week depending on availability.

To place your order, please call, or send us an email indicating the following:

1) Quantity of your order

2) Date of delivery

3) Flavor or color request (please visit the page on this website on our classic flavors)

4) Your name, and email address to be used for billing (we use Square for online payments) 

Free delivery is available within the city of Dover. 

Mail Order 
Mail order is currently on hold until further notice. Please check back with us for the latest information about orders shipped outside of Kent County, Delaware. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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