- C'est si bon les macarons!
About us
What started as a new idea for Christmas gifts in the winter of 2010,  had turned into an obsession, and eventually the creation of my online store late 2011. At the time of this page was written (late 2012), Mageline's Confiserie is the only known macaron supplier in Dover, Delaware or the entire Kent County.
What is a macaron?
Not to be confused with the dense lump of shredded coconut that we call macaroons, French macarons are a delicate eggshell-like maringue wafers made with three simple ingredients: Egg whites, almonds, and sugar (food color is added to identify their fillings). Then a pair is sandwiched together filled with silky French buttercream of various flavors, fruit jams, or flavored chocolate ganaches.
Unlike the typical recipe for any cookies that we grew up making with our moms, macarons are very challenging to make. The quality of the ingredients ranks at the top of the list in how to make them the way they were intended when it was first introduced by the famous pastry shop in Paris called Laduree. Next is the mixing and the piping techniques that could only be learned properly through many attempts, or by having a master pastry chef demonstrate how they are made. 

Another factor to be considered in the success of making macarons is your kitchen's humidity, equipment, and the temperament of your oven. So you see, this French confection truly is the diva of all cookies. And in fact, they are not considered a cookie but a pastry. For more information on the history of macarons, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macaron
Despite my beginner's luck, my later attempts in making these jewels were abject failures of every conceivable possibilities. It was after wasting pounds of almonds and sugar, that I decided to take a macaron class at La Cuisine in Paris, France in 2011 in order to learn the proper techniques in how to make them perfectly. It was in that class where I learned for the first time how to make macarons using the Italian meringue method which makes sturdier macaron wafer compared to the French method that makes a more fragile biscuit.
Inspired by the positive reviews of my clients in my online store, I wanted to offer them a variety of flavors beyond my limited repertoire. And so I decided to go back to Paris to take yet another macaron class offered by Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts in the summer of 2012. The week-long intensive course focused solely on the creation of the macaron for a total of 50 hours. My class, which was the first to take this course, comprised of 6 women from around the world. For 5 days we created macarons of every imaginable colors, flavors, and presentations, under the expert instructions of master pastry chef, Ollivier Christien (formerly of Les Verger Boiron, and head pastry chef in L'hotel Crillon in Paris, France, and associate of Christophe Felder, (world-known author of numerous pastry and macaron cookbooks from which the recipes were used in our class).
Me receiving a certificate of completion of The Macaron summer program from Chef Ollivier Christien as Michel Mouisel (international program director) looked on.
 With Christophe Felder, Chef Ollivier, and Michel Mouisel (directeur de programme internationale).

The entire class with master pastry Chef Ollivier Christien.
Upon my return to the US, I immediately put into practice what I have learned from Chef Ollivier. 

Our macarons are available for wholesale. Please contact us for more information.

Telephone: 302.399.3009
Email: info@magelinesconfiserie.com. 
When the obsession began..
My first attempt at making macarons in 2010.
My very first macaron attempt. Not as pretty as Laduree, but they've got feet!
Not perfect, but prettier than my worst macaron batch.
They have feet! 
My lucky coworkers received these 4-piece gift boxes.
My first macaron christmas baggies
My first macarons were a gift well received by friends and family.
La cuisine chef demonstrating the basics of making Parisian macarons
 Macaron baking class in the summer of 2011 in La Cuisine in Paris, France with Chef Diane.

Pierre Herme's 7-piece box
Pierre Hermé and Ladure of Paris, France

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